Do you.?

I can remember, the very first time I cried.. How I wiped my eyes, and buried the pain inside...
All of my memories, Good and bad that's passed didn't even take the time to realize..
Staring at the cracks in the walls, Cause I'm waiting for it all to come to an end..
Still I curl up right under the bed Cause it's takin over my head all over again..

Do you even know who you are? I guess I'm trying to find..
A borrowed dream or a superstar? I want to be a star..
Is life good to you, or is it bad? I can't tell anymore..
Do you even know what you have? No...

Lying awake watching the sunlight how the birds will sing as I count the rings around my eyes
Constantly pushing the world I know aside.. I don't even feel the pain, I don't even want to try..
I'm looking for a way to become the person that I dreamt up when I was like 14..
Nothing is ever enough, no it ain't enough for what it may seem.....

Todays tought,
"I miss you....."


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